• Delicious Fro-Yo, Scrumptious Treats, Warm Coffee Drinks, Refreshing Smoothies and More!

    Whether you are looking for a sweet treat or a warm cup of coffee while you study, Utopia Frozen Yogurt and Coffee House is just the spot for you.

How We Came to Be

Utopia Frozen Yogurt and Coffee House started off as a simple fro-yo shop. Recently, Utopia decided to expand into a coffee/bagel and frozen yogurt shop. In order to understand the espresso and coffee profiles better, the owners attended barista training and visited different coffee roasters. There they were able to do some single origin coffee tasting and get a better perspective of flavors and roasting techniques. Once training was completed, Utopia worked with a small local roaster to come up with coffee flavors they felt would appeal to many palettes in Ellensburg and the surrounding areas. Once the owners selected our blends, we were able to label the coffee as Utopia. Utopia Frozen Yogurt and Coffee House are proud to have a rich smooth drip coffee with medium to bold flavors and no bitterness. Our espresso blend allows the rich chocolate flavor found in these beans to come through with just a hint of sweetness.

We look forward to serving you at Utopia Frozen Yogurt and Coffee House. Come by today for delicious fro-yo, a warm coffee drink or refreshing smoothie.

  • Utopia Frozen Yogurt and Coffee House

    706 E. University Way
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